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The countdown has started.  60 (ish) days and counting. Let’s hope we stay on schedule. It’s surely exciting to be nearing the finish line.


We have pretty much chosen the paint colors. We are staying the same for the exterior. Back in 2010 when we repainted we consulted with Robert at Historic House Colors to match this home he did above.


And will duplicate it on the back of the home. Jonathan is putting his photoshop skills to use for Ryan and his team since we have about 8 colors going on.


I have always loved a blue porch ceiling.


And we will soon be sporting Hazel on both the front and back porch ceilings.

shaded white

In the past I have been a fan of lots of color on the walls. This time we are going with a beautifully understated neutral in all of the common areas and getting the color from the fabrics. Thanks Scott!

winborne white

The ceiling will be a nice, warm white.

copen blue

Copen Blue will be the new color of the front guest bedroom.

independant gold

And we will reuse Independent Gold (old living room color) for my office.

hall bath inspiration

Here is the bathroom inspiration we have used all along.sassy green watery

So – do we go with a shade of blue to follow the inspiration, or do we go with one of the lighter shades of green to go with the clawfoot tub we are refinishing?  Decisions…decisions. Of course I vote blue, but I’m up for green too.

peacock plume

Earlier in the blog I talked about compromise. This applies to all members of our family. We have decided to go with Peacock Plume for Addison’s room. The colors below were her first picks…


Calypso – my eyes hurt a little.

pinkEros Pink – still hurting.


I’ll give it my girl – the kid definitely LOVES horses. (And hideous bedding too!)


Thankfully we’ve put this bedding – and paint – off until she’s 13 and moves all the way upstairs. Once she goes up there – she can have at it. I love a win-win negotiation!

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