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A dumbwaiter – it’s really smart!

By on Jun 14, 2014 in Dumb Waiter | 0 comments

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Just like I have had some non-negotiables in this renovation, so has Jonathan. The wine cellar was one and the dumbwaiter was one the other.


I have to give it to my hubby, he researches and researches and researches until he finds the answer.  And boy am I glad he does this as he has found all sorts of smart solutions.


I think this will be such a welcome addition to our soon-to-be 4 story home.


This particular dumbwaiter will fit two of our largest pieces of luggage.  So there are no more excuses for leaving them on the first floor after a trip.



And, if we ever need it, we can install a little, capsule elevator in the same space. How sci-fi is that?!


(Let’s hope if this ever had to happen it could be well-hidden as this look will NOT pass Scott’s taste test.) So there you go – a dumbwaiter is actually a SMART-waiter! This is going to be one, useful feature.  (and hopefully no children or pets will be taking any rides!)

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