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The Plans – Rear

By on Mar 29, 2014 in Design, Exterior Elevations, Plans | 4 comments

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Now that we have moved into the stage of adding vs. taking away – I have ventured back to look at our plans and feel like I can get excited again.  I really had no idea how hard the move was going to be.  I pretty much declared that I had a hall pass the months of Jan and Feb.  March has been back in full swing and even though we are living in a cave, we’re getting our groove and mojo back.


This is what it’s going to look like.


Off the kitchen is a screened in porch that is the entire width of the house.  This is a feature that I absolutely cannot wait for.  I imagine we will pretty much live out there for over half of the year.  There will be a dining table (for 10) and a swing bed so it will be a great place to dine, hang out, work and relax.  I can just imagine reading or napping on that bed.  Especially this time of year with the magnificent weather.  We might just get a chance to take advantage of this coming fall if we keep moving along at the pace we are at now.  I’m putting it out there!


As it is with many older homes, our home was not the brightest.  Our rear exposure is southern and we are taking advantage of this with tons of windows.  Bring on the light!


The addition upstairs will be our master suite.  Hello shower and goodbye showering in that claw foot tub!!  (Which we have done for over 10 years!)  We are saving a clawfoot tub, but it will be beautifully displayed in our guest bathroom (which will also include a shower) so we’ll be able to utilize function and still appreciate form.

Back2The home in the foreground of this picture is Addison’s playhouse.  This was a labor of love that Jonathan designed and built from the ground up.  It’s is her Girl’s Club and she is very excited to get back to it.


On the third level addition we are building a bedroom and bathroom and a hang out/ media area.  Initially this will be Jonathan’s office to become Addison’s room when she gets too cool for us. The existing attic will stay the way it is and continue to remain used for storage.  The fact that I will NEVER have to use our old, rickety pull-down attic stairs is a really big deal to me.  We’ve made a pact that the attic storage will be minimally used (for holiday decor and such) since we got rid of so much “junk” in the move out.  Maybe I am growing past my pack-rat tendencies.

Back7I’ve been putting off “dream mode” due to being more cautious than optimistic.  We still have a long way to go, but if things continue like they have the last two weeks – we are looking real good.  Mother Nature and the city inspectors were right on time.  And we are very thankful for this!!

P.S.  Remember where I said I had a hall pass for Jan and Feb? Well – it is going to have to go into March.  Turns out I already posted about this in early March.  OOPS.  Hall pass extended through March 15th. 😉




  1. Rosemary

    March 29, 2014

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    Wow!! So amazing to see it start to take a new life and these renderings make it all the more real! I can’t wait to see the continued progress!!

  2. Steven Sharp

    March 29, 2014

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    Jen, this is so amazing. Thank you for sharing this with your cyber friends. Love how you have opened up the back of your house.can definitely tell you are excited and anyone who has showered in a claw foot tub for ten years definitely deserves such space and apparent luxury:-)

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