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Cool or Gross?

By on Feb 12, 2014 in Design, First Floor, Powder Room | 4 comments

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So, after I quenched my obsession with finding the perfect powder room sink, I was off to accessories.   Before I start on the soap holder, I need to give a little context.  I am an accessory FREAK! If you go in my closet – it’s all about the purses and shoes.

My closet (in use)

If you opened my refrigerator (pre-Jonathan) it was filled with every condiment known to man.  If I’m the one doing the grocery shopping I will always manage to find some sort of new sauce, salad dressing or spice. It goes the same with my home.  I’ll admit that I have gone overboard at times (looking back at some of our old photos like these below).

90s condo

When I met Jonathan I had a 90’s aesthetic going on.  His style was more primitive/folky.   We blended it when we moved into our house and thought it was the BOMB.  Looking back it was more like a bomb had exploded at Goodwill!


We were mortified when we found this particular photo (above) the other day.  What’s worse is that THIS was clean in show-ready condition!  Can you say TGI Friday’s meets Bennigan’s at the thrift store?!

Thankfully we’ve always been on the same page.   However, after seeing where that train wreck (in the picture above) could lead, we decided to call in the big guns.  We are working with of our friends, Scott, who happens to be a very talented designer.  He’s already had to pull the edit card a few times.  Phew!

antique soap holder

I wondered what he, and the world of my Facebook friends, thought about this cool antique French soap holder I found.  Personally, I love it.  I absolutely love it.  Some think it’s gross, others not practical , and others X-Rated.  (I’m getting better, but practical has never been an adjective that anybody who knows me well would ever use to describe me!) The verdict is not out.  I still love it.  And Jonathan thinks it’s silly.  And many others think it’s simply awful. The verdict is not out yet – we’ll see whether form or function win out in the end…


  1. Jonathan

    February 13, 2014

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    It is very painful to look at, wow, we were some folky collectors. I forgot how Jennifer’s condo looked. Wow.

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