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Before and After

By on May 15, 2014 in First Floor, Renovation, Second Floor | 0 comments

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Once again I’m a couple weeks behind on the blog. To say we’ve been been busy is putting it mildly! Over the past two weeks our team has written 6 new contracts while working on all of the details of the 10 clients that are closing this month. We are psyched that business is booming and scrambling to take the very best care of each and every one of them. I have joked with several people that I have 3 speeds – stop, fast and warp. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve discovered a 4th – super-warp. I’m looking forward to a little R&R this coming weekend as I know that this fourth speed is not sustainable.

before after

My desk is a perfect example of what my life has been like during this time. Thankfully I can at least now see the bottom of my desk (Thanks Michelle!).  Here’s what’s been happening with our house in the last two weeks.

outside before afterWe are almost framed up on all levels. As of yesterday they had started to put the roofing material on.

upstairsCheck out the master. Standing in the bedroom, bathroom and closet is a wonderful feeling. Jonathan and I have never had a real master bedroom together. This makes me very, very happy!


And look at the transformation of the back. That was one part of our home I have never liked. Now it’s shaping up to be quite attractive.


Some things still remain constant.  I think I have stopped to stare at this photo over and over so I can dream again what it feels like to live here.  I really miss our house.  I miss living there and miss the way I feel when I look at all of the old, beautiful wood and historic features.  We are really looking forward to getting back in and making more memories.  So far we are still on target for Sept/Oct.  I’m not counting down the days…..yet…

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