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Spring is Teasing Us

By on Mar 13, 2014 in Demolition, Renovation, Side Porch | 0 comments

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Ahhh spring, you are really teasing us.  You need to show old man Winter who is boss now!

DSC_6545Tonight it’s going to get down to below freezing again.  Ugh.  I know we really shouldn’t complain.  Lots of our friends up north are getting more snow so it could be worse. I’m so glad our cherry tree had a chance to bloom before the freeze.  It only is in bloom for about a week.  Then the little cherries come. Every once in a while we are able to find a few that the birds have not gobbled up.  They taste just like cherries – just miniature – like the tree.


I am so happy that we are able to keep this tree.  It was almost chopped down right before we put our contract on the house for a driveway, and it was considered this time.  This was one of the things I did not compromise on and our parking pad will now be going on the other side of the house.


Today the side porch came off.  This was added long ago when the home was turned into a duplex.  I love that the chimney brick stands out.


I like it so much better now without that porch that had no purpose.  (We once thought we could connect it to the front porch, but soon realized that it would take a variance so we chose not to fight that particular battle with the city.)


The demo will stay like this for a while and tomorrow they will begin to excavate and dig for the cellar and pour the foundation.





The dumpster has been removed so that they have room for the excavator that will start digging out the cellar.  We are going to have a lot of extra dirt.


I’m glad we have been able to see our beautiful spring blooms before they rip up the front yard.

front back

It’s been so funny these past few weeks – the front of the house looks completely normal – and then there’s the back – or lack of it that looks like a tornado came through.

I’m tightening up my seatbelt for this next part of the ride!



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