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By on Apr 28, 2014 in Renovation | 0 comments

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I knew that this was going to be hard.  That still didn’t prepare me.  This stuff is really, really hard and at times mentally and emotionally draining.


I’m very thankful that we have a great marriage! Renovating your home is not for the faint of heart – that’s for sure.  Every time I get nutted up, Jonathan is there to calm me down.  And when he has been nutted up, I have been the calming one.  I am SO VERY THANKFUL for this.


I’m also thankful that we have a great relationship with our builder.  Ryan was a friend first and foremost.  And we have had an open line of communication all along.  Inevitably things come up, and being able to address them and talk through them has been comforting.


In order to accommodate a 25′ open span space, these massive support beams had to be installed.  These are way larger than the cute little beams that we had envisioned.  The placement of these beams has caused a deviation from our original design inspiration.


Thankfully we have figured it out.  I’m sure that there will be more changes down the road. Hopefully we’ll fly through the decisions without any drama. I’ll close with one word of wisdom.  Do NOT attempt this if you are not ready to push the boundaries with your spouse.  It is tough stuff!

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