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Riddle me this

By on Jul 28, 2014 in Cellar, Wine Cellar | 0 comments

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Riddle me this: how do you hide a piece of drywall that wasn’t supposed to be there?


With a wall-mounted riddling rack, of course.


It feels great to turn problems into solutions – especially cool solutions (that we would have never thought of if there weren’t a problem).  Turns out we’re actually pretty psyched about this now.  We’ve had an antique riddling rack for years in our dining room, but never thought of them for the cellar. This type of rack is wall-mounted (like the one pictured above) and will offer both form and function to our cellar space. I love when that happens!

cellar jonathan measuring for rack 7.27

We measured and will be able to order 5 equal panels to cover one entire wall.  Bye bye drywall mistake and hello cool and functional wine storage.


I’m going to try and keep this mindset up. I’ll have another glass of lemonade please! 🙂

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