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The Memory of Trees

By on Sep 10, 2014 in Misc | 0 comments

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We lost a good neighbor today.

trees spring

Our neighbors had to take down their 120 year old water oak.

10517217_10202864620918963_2056376700882480043_oOne of the things that comes along with living in a historic neighborhood are its great trees. Tom and Mary’s house is the oldest on the street – dating back to the late 1880s. So their trees are some of the oldest.

DSC_6064And they are magnificent.


Their scale was massive. Here’s a little video in March watching the wind in its branches one afternoon.


It’s always so sad to see these beautiful old trees go. But as in life, we all have our day. And if not properly watched, they can become deadly.


Back in July a 12″ limb went through a neighbor’s roof on a calm day. Thankfully nobody was hurt and the limb only damaged their front porch. That was the day that Tom and Mary knew they had to take down this massive tree.


Neighbors came by to watch and say goodbye. Sadly many of us on the street have said goodbye to trees this year. Some have caused great damage.  When it’s their time, it’s best to take them down before the opposite happens.


I have photographed this house – and tree – more than any other property (outside of this reno) in my Instagram feed. Enya has a song about trees. It seems fitting to put it here in honor of this beautiful tree.

Thank you tree for providing such beauty. We will miss you!

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