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Never a dull moment

By on Aug 4, 2014 in Misc | 0 comments

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I had to devote a post to our current digs. One day we’ll laugh about this place.


I checked my tiara into hard storage when we moved in in December.


Noticed the light-filled living room. (Oops…sorry…it’s not there!)


The lack of natural light propelled us to purchase a mega lamp made made for Seasonal Depression. It’s the only thing that can properly light up the room.


And then there is the kitchen. The lovely kitchen. The oven blocked the door so much that we removed it when we moved in. We (I mean Jonathan) have been using a toaster, microwave and hot plate.


To add to injury, the electricity is maxed out and Jonathan can only use one appliance at a time.  I have to give my hubby major credit. We sit down as a family for a nice dinner (usually home-cooked) every single night. It’s truly amazing what he can create using a toaster, microwave and hot plate one-at-a-time. I laugh about this now – and I’m sure we will in the future – but it is kind of a pain every day.


Here’s my office. I took over the dining room. It can be raining or sunny and it’s all the same because I can’t see outside. It’s also in the center of the house, so anybody going to the kitchen, bathroom, or a bedroom has to pass by and usually talks to me. Addison loves to hang out at my desk too. (All of this is great for my ADD.)


Addison’s room is the best room in the house.  She has TWO double windows. She and the cats have adjusted just fine in our little home. (But she’s starting to get a little antsy now too.)


What I was most worried about was having only one bathroom. In reality we have managed just fine with this.


We discovered a precious window behind the lining of the shower. It freaked us out the first time we saw a bright light coming out of the tub.


The cat litter box is in our little laundry room where we need a set of pliers to operate the dryer. The HVAC intake is RIGHT next to the litter box. It’s awesome when the cats take a big poop and the aroma cycles throughout the house.


We definitely brought too much when we moved in. Our move was such a blur focused on packing up. Every square inch of this place is filled to the gills. And we just didn’t try to do anything to make it cute. I’ve finally realized that was a mistake. It might have been putting lipstick on a pig, but at least it would have helped a little. Now we are just counting down to get out of here. We are over it. But – at our own pace.


On Friday I was looking at new listings in the area as I do every morning and I happened to stumble across our home for sale. On the market.  While we are ready to move out, we are not quite ready to get kicked out. Our landlord assures us that won’t happen. Thankfully they are not giving the place away so we just might skate by.


If you are in the market for a swanky place in Midtown – this baby can be yours for the low, low price of $568,000.

(insert sarcasm)

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