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It only took 11 years to get off the street

By on Nov 5, 2014 in Landscaping | 0 comments

When we purchased our home in 2003 the owners were going to take out our cute little miniature cherry tree for a parking pad. Thankfully we got there in time and saved it. It had always been on our agenda to create a parking pad. Then life happened. Here we are 11 years later Рand we finally have off-street parking! We worked with our neighbors as we had to repair the damage our project had caused on their driveway. We came together with a design that would work together, and not be so much concrete. Additionally we did not want something impervious. Jose and his bobcat came back. The crew lined up the forms. Then the concrete truck came and started to pour.   The finished product Рcuring. This week Jose and his crew were back and added a nice old-world touch to the apron. The cobblestones provide a nice, vintage touch. We are all very pleased how it turned...