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Moving stinks!

By on Feb 13, 2014 in Renovation | 0 comments

Moving stinks.  Royally. I conveniently forgot how painful it was. Seems odd as I talk about it almost daily with my clients. This move felt exceptionally painful. Maybe they are all, and I just forgot.  There were so many factors:  my packrat tendencies, work schedules, the holidays, discovering Candy Crush, a December business trip to Hawaii, a 4-week sickness caught on that business trip, a chronic bad back,  fear of what we were moving into, and movers coming literally the day after our family left from Christmas.   We had a couple of months to pack and prepare – and we did a decent job – but it was still a terrible and grueling process. Our stuff had 4 places to go:  to donation, to a local storage unit, to a permanent long-term storage unit and into our rental.  These extra choices made it more challenging – at least for me.  If it were up to Jonathan everything...