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François has a Green Card!

By on Oct 29, 2014 in Kitchen, Renovation | 0 comments

We’ve been sweating bullets since last Wednesday. While we were excited that our beloved François came home – he had to sit on our back porch for the last seven nights. (I’m kind of surprised that Jonathan didn’t camp out with him.) While it would have taken a pretty brazen (and strong) thief – we are happy he is home where he belongs. What a beauty. Appliance porn that will be making food porn. Tomorrow he gets all dressed up with subway tile.  (Jonathan thinks François needs to be a lady – so thankfully it’s a unisex name.) We’ve got some American traditions to teach (Thanksgiving and Christmas) so he (or she) will be jumping right into citizenship. Meanwhile, while we were sweating bullets – Addison didn’t have a care in the world on Bill and Ellie’s swing…  Ahh, the joys of being...

François is here

By on Oct 25, 2014 in Kitchen | 3 comments

Our special treat arrived from France this week. We had to get four guys to handle it.  This oven was one really special treat that we gave ourselves. It’s six feet and over 600 pounds! It will be the star of our kitchen. I have named him François. Addison has named him Black Beauty. Either name – we are happy he is here and we are ready to break this puppy in! Come on Chez...

You only live once!

By on Mar 24, 2014 in First Floor, Kitchen | 2 comments

This is my first multi sensory post.  A little drama if you will for a little milestone in our renovation story.   Today is my sister, Susan’s birthday.  In honor of celebrating it – we have taken the plunge and put down our deposit for our very special splurge.  The Lacanche Sully 1800. For those of you who know us – you know we are serious about food.  It is a passion of ours that has grown as we’ve been together as a couple.  We literally plan vacations around food and dining experiences.  Addison is even becoming a little foodie. Jonathan is a very gifted artist in the kitchen and purchasing this oven is the equivalent of a car aficionado buying their dream car.  This 72″ beautiful powerhouse will ensure that we can feed lots of friends and family for years and years to come! Here’s a fabulous video about the company and the passion they put...