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It’s never easy

By on Jun 13, 2014 in Renovation | 0 comments

Renovating a home is like a roller coaster. You get in the car and strap yourself in to go up this hill and get ready for a thrill.  There’s no reason to fear as all of the safety steps are there to protect you. Woosh – you are thrown for a curve, a loop or a big drop.  It’s fun at an amusement park – because you are expecting it. During a renovation  – it’s not so much fun. Enduring a renovation (of a beloved property) is a roller coaster. There are adrenaline rushes at many of the stages. Frankly, I’d rather be on a roller-coaster and get my adrenaline that way. This is what we are dealing with today.  A plumbing pipe installed outside the front of our house – somehow to be covered up in the future. Jonathan is about to explode. And, while I’m not happy, I just have to believe that we are going to figure out a way to make it...