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Mind the Gap

By on Mar 27, 2014 in Cellar, Renovation, Wine Cellar | 2 comments

For some reason – the saying on the London Tube “Mind the Gap” is in my brain. Here is our gap.  The space between old and new.  Now that we have foundation walls –  these will come together with the old walls – in a way that the old is honored with the functionality of the new.   Our hope is that this will be a seamless transition. The size and scale of the wine cellar is right here before our eyes.  And for the first time since we started this process, there is something concrete to see. (No pun intended!) Framing is going to start soon. This is such a beautiful time of year in Atlanta and you just want to be outside, and I’m really beginning to miss living in my house.  It will be even more appreciated when we are...

Up Come the Walls

By on Mar 26, 2014 in Cellar, First Floor, Renovation, Wine Cellar | 0 comments

This is a quote that I suscribe to and try and live by. However, when it comes to our house – SHOW me the WALLS! Despite the cold temps – we got just that. Yesterday they poured the concrete into the forms.  We officially have foundation WALLS! I’m giddy with excitement at the progress of moving forward. To date everything about this project has been to take away.  Now –  we see something being...

A Penny and Some Sugar

By on Mar 24, 2014 in Cellar, Renovation | 2 comments

The concrete dried over this wonderful spring weekend and this is what it looked like as of last night.  I’ve got to get out there tomorrow with a penny and some sugar.  My friend Jeff told me that it’s Jewish tradition to put a penny and some sugar in the walls for sweet times and wealth.  We’re not Jewish, but who’s going to turn down an opportunity for extra happiness and wealth! I’m so thankful that it did not rain yesterday as it was supposed to.  This portion of the project has been the part that really hinges on the weather.  Thankfully Mother Nature is on our side and we’ve had a nice, dry spell. They were busy today.  Bye bye big hole in the ground – hello foundation forms.  You are a welcome sight to see! I am glad that we are not going to have to look at that gaping hole any longer. January and February were really tough getting...