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The dumbwaiter is IN

By on Aug 22, 2014 in Bonus Room, Cellar, Dumb Waiter, First Floor, Laundry Room, Second Floor, Third Floor, Utility Room, Wine Cellar | 0 comments

The dumbwaiter was really Jonathan’s idea. And a great one at that. It’s going to be nice to not have to lug big things up and down the stairs! This handy device will go to all four floors. Here’s the top floor bonus room. Second floor laundry room. First floor utility room. Lower level wine cellar. Our rules are simple – operated by adults only and no living things shall be allowed inside. (Do ya hear that,...

A dumbwaiter – it’s really smart!

By on Jun 14, 2014 in Dumb Waiter | 0 comments

Just like I have had some non-negotiables in this renovation, so has Jonathan. The wine cellar was one and the dumbwaiter was one the other. I have to give it to my hubby, he researches and researches and researches until he finds the answer.  And boy am I glad he does this as he has found all sorts of smart solutions. I think this will be such a welcome addition to our soon-to-be 4 story home. This particular dumbwaiter will fit two of our largest pieces of luggage.  So there are no more excuses for leaving them on the first floor after a trip. And, if we ever need it, we can install a little, capsule elevator in the same space. How sci-fi is that?! (Let’s hope if this ever had to happen it could be well-hidden as this look will NOT pass Scott’s taste test.) So there you go – a dumbwaiter is actually a SMART-waiter! This is going to be one, useful feature.  (and...