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Spring is Teasing Us

By on Mar 13, 2014 in Demolition, Renovation, Side Porch | 0 comments

Ahhh spring, you are really teasing us.  You need to show old man Winter who is boss now! Tonight it’s going to get down to below freezing again.  Ugh.  I know we really shouldn’t complain.  Lots of our friends up north are getting more snow so it could be worse. I’m so glad our cherry tree had a chance to bloom before the freeze.  It only is in bloom for about a week.  Then the little cherries come. Every once in a while we are able to find a few that the birds have not gobbled up.  They taste just like cherries – just miniature – like the tree. I am so happy that we are able to keep this tree.  It was almost chopped down right before we put our contract on the house for a driveway, and it was considered this time.  This was one of the things I did not compromise on and our parking pad will now be going on the other side of the house. Today the side porch...