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The Waiting Game

By on Feb 10, 2014 in Renovation | 0 comments

We’ve been given the opportunity to practice patience.  Practice, Rinse and Repeat.  I’m choosing to focus on the positive.  Over and over again I am telling myself this.  I think it’s a good habit for the long road ahead. The sign went up right before Snowpocolypse in January. We’ve been out of our home for over a month living in a hovel.   We are eagerly (ahem, I mean patiently) awaiting our permit. We were starry eyed and figured that we were going to be different and start immediately on the date we moved out. Funny how I forgot how awful moving is.  (And I help people do this every day!)  The move boiled down to a simple equation:  11 years in this house + my packrat tendencies +  a December business trip to Hawaii + getting super sick + having a houseful for Christmas = one move from hell! Thankfully that is over and done and not happening again. My next...