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Spring is Teasing Us

By on Mar 13, 2014 in Demolition, Renovation, Side Porch | 0 comments

Ahhh spring, you are really teasing us.  You need to show old man Winter who is boss now! Tonight it’s going to get down to below freezing again.  Ugh.  I know we really shouldn’t complain.  Lots of our friends up north are getting more snow so it could be worse. I’m so glad our cherry tree had a chance to bloom before the freeze.  It only is in bloom for about a week.  Then the little cherries come. Every once in a while we are able to find a few that the birds have not gobbled up.  They taste just like cherries – just miniature – like the tree. I am so happy that we are able to keep this tree.  It was almost chopped down right before we put our contract on the house for a driveway, and it was considered this time.  This was one of the things I did not compromise on and our parking pad will now be going on the other side of the house. Today the side porch...

Pardon Me, but Our House is Undressed!

By on Mar 11, 2014 in Demolition, First Floor, Renovation, Second Floor | 0 comments

Ahh – Spring is finally here.  We Atlantans are not used to a long, cold winter.  Welcome Spring Fever! This weekend we experienced the fabulous Spring weather that Atlanta is so well known for.  The daffodils have popped and our little cherry tree is starting to bloom.  Around the city the blooms of the red buds and bradford pears are peaking. I’m finding myself being a bit sentimental about the fact that this will be the last Spring that our daffodils will bloom in this spot.  They sure are going out with a beautiful bang! And while the flowers are popping, so is the wood from the house!  Apparently we can’t go through dumpsters fast enough. The demo crew are taking off more and more from the back of our home.  Now that I’ve seen it for the past couple of weeks I’ve become a bit desensitized.  Right now it just seems so far from home – both from...