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Beam me up, Scottie!

By on May 31, 2014 in First Floor, Kitchen, Lounge, Plans, Renovation | 2 comments

Beam.  It’s been our four letter word this week. We have big beams.  And while in many cases bigger is better, that’s not so much the case here.  In order to support the load – coupled with a large and open space – we needed these massive supports.  What we didn’t really figure in was how darn massive they were going to be. We’ve gone round and round with our team on how to handle these. Once again, Jonathan came to the rescue (with a little help from our friends). After lots of talking about different scenarios with Ryan (builder), Scott (designer) and Steve (draftsman) we needed a little time for Jonathan’s creative juices to percolate on it all. Our compromise is to drop the ceiling a few inches to make them 8″ square.  Then we will add others distributed evenly to give it balance, and follow our original design inspiration. So now we...