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Demo – Day 2

By on Feb 28, 2014 in Demolition, First Floor, Kitchen, Renovation, Second Floor | 0 comments

These guys are NOT messing around.  Here’s what they did on their second day.  I am still amazed! I’m particularly excited about the fact that now when you enter, you can see straight back to outside.  (As a matter of fact – you can see Addison’s playhouse.  Jonathan is very proud.)  This change adds a completely different feel of more openness, light and less stairwell “in your face” as you enter.  This has been my first tinge of excitement in seeing a glimpse toward the final product. And all of the light we are going to have in this space.  We are so excited about that! (Especially since we are temporarily living in a cave.) This week showed some incredible progress.  Now this really feels REAL.  We are excited and hopeful that Mother Nature doesn’t rain us out on the next phase of digging and foundation...

The Waiting Game

By on Feb 10, 2014 in Renovation | 0 comments

We’ve been given the opportunity to practice patience.  Practice, Rinse and Repeat.  I’m choosing to focus on the positive.  Over and over again I am telling myself this.  I think it’s a good habit for the long road ahead. The sign went up right before Snowpocolypse in January. We’ve been out of our home for over a month living in a hovel.   We are eagerly (ahem, I mean patiently) awaiting our permit. We were starry eyed and figured that we were going to be different and start immediately on the date we moved out. Funny how I forgot how awful moving is.  (And I help people do this every day!)  The move boiled down to a simple equation:  11 years in this house + my packrat tendencies +  a December business trip to Hawaii + getting super sick + having a houseful for Christmas = one move from hell! Thankfully that is over and done and not happening again. My next...