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Cool or Gross?

By on Feb 12, 2014 in Design, First Floor, Powder Room | 4 comments

So, after I quenched my obsession with finding the perfect powder room sink, I was off to accessories.   Before I start on the soap holder, I need to give a little context.  I am an accessory FREAK! If you go in my closet – it’s all about the purses and shoes. If you opened my refrigerator (pre-Jonathan) it was filled with every condiment known to man.  If I’m the one doing the grocery shopping I will always manage to find some sort of new sauce, salad dressing or spice. It goes the same with my home.  I’ll admit that I have gone overboard at times (looking back at some of our old photos like these below). When I met Jonathan I had a 90’s aesthetic going on.  His style was more primitive/folky.   We blended it when we moved into our house and thought it was the BOMB.  Looking back it was more like a bomb had exploded at Goodwill! We were mortified when we found this particular photo...