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The back is not her best asset

By on Mar 2, 2014 in Back Porch, Deck and Patio, Design, Exterior Elevations, First Floor, Landscaping, Plans, Renovation | 0 comments

The rear of our home was just not attractive.  At some point, the original back and side porches were enclosed when it was converted to a duplex.  It was converted back to single family prior to our purchase, but there are still some of the odd additions from it’s duplex years. Before we chopped the backyard in late 2013 to prepare for the tree that had to come down on the side yard, we had a beautiful back yard. It nicely camouflaged the rear of the house. We didn’t really have green thumbs, but inherited a beautiful English style garden from the previous owners.  It bloomed for us every season.  We really had fun with it in our early years here, but you really had to love gardening to be out there regularly to properly keep it up.  The upkeep just became too much of a burden to us with the combination of having a child – and letting our landscaper go during the lean...