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Drywall – Finishing

By on Aug 16, 2014 in Dining Room, Foyer, Master Bathroom, Master Bedroom, Master Closet - Hers, Pantry, Renovation | 0 comments

Our guys spent most of this week finishing the drywall. This took especially long since we do not have crown molding and don’t plan on adding it. They had to pay close attention to every ceiling/wall  joint throughout the entire home.  It’s looking good! We are really pleased with the continuity of this renovation. This is the only space (by design) that is over-scale from what it would have been. And that’s  just the way we want it. We are going to live in this portion of our home. From hanging out in the lounge, to entertaining, to relaxing on the porch.  This is a big space where we are going to really enjoy spending time in. The butler’s pantry is looking good in its new home. Finally our table linens will have a nice home where they will be easily accessed – and regularly used. We are going to have transoms on both sides of the pantry for some natural...

Drywall – Part 1

By on Aug 6, 2014 in Back Porch, Bonus Room, Dining Room, First Floor, Foyer, Kitchen, Living Room, Lounge, Master Bathroom, Master Bedroom, Master Closet - Hers, Music Room, Office - Hers, Office - His, Renovation, Second Floor, Third Floor, Upstairs Landing | 2 comments

I think that the last few days have been as transformative as the days when the demo started. On Friday the drywall was delivered. (Glad I was not here to watch it.) Our neighbors have been very, very patient with us. (Thank you Bill and Susan!!) This guy worked HARD on Friday! Then on Saturday the beadboard ceiling went up on the back porch. Some of the ceilings came down on Friday. Here’s the second floor looking into office – Friday. On Monday and Tuesday the crew went to town.  By the end of Tuesday the 3rd floor, part of the second floor and ceilings were added. Below are some pics from the last two days. Here’s the same office on Tuesday afternoon. My closet – Tuesday afternoon. (I’m smiling!) Master bedroom Saturday. Master bedroom Tuesday. Master bathroom Friday. Master bathroom Tuesday. Living room with new ceiling. Upstairs landing with new...


By on May 26, 2014 in Back Porch, Bonus Room, Cellar, Dining Room, First Floor, Foyer, Kitchen, Lounge, Master Bathroom, Master Bedroom, Master Closet - Hers, Master Closet - His, Music Room, Office - His, Pantry, Renovation, Second Floor, Third Floor, Upstairs Landing, Wine Cellar | 2 comments

Lots and lots of progress has been made over the last two weeks.  Here’s the state of the house as of this weekend. The door will be removed and reused and a window will go here.  This was used when the home was duplexed years back. Framing is almost completed.  The house is wrapped.  Next up is the installation of the windows and the roof.  One thing we are really happy about is that our house looks exactly the same from the front. All you can really see from their is one of the gables. Contextually it still fits in the neighborhood. The entry is pretty much the same, except now you can see all the way out to the back.  The amount of light that has been created is tremendous.  Our house was always a little dark in areas.  That will no longer be the case. This is the music room.  It used to be where we watched TV.  Now, thanks to our friend Kevin who moved to NYC, we will have a...