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The Plans – Rear

By on Mar 29, 2014 in Design, Exterior Elevations, Plans | 4 comments

Now that we have moved into the stage of adding vs. taking away – I have ventured back to look at our plans and feel like I can get excited again.  I really had no idea how hard the move was going to be.  I pretty much declared that I had a hall pass the months of Jan and Feb.  March has been back in full swing and even though we are living in a cave, we’re getting our groove and mojo back. This is what it’s going to look like. Off the kitchen is a screened in porch that is the entire width of the house.  This is a feature that I absolutely cannot wait for.  I imagine we will pretty much live out there for over half of the year.  There will be a dining table (for 10) and a swing bed so it will be a great place to dine, hang out, work and relax.  I can just imagine reading or napping on that bed.  Especially this time of year with the magnificent weather.  We might...

Wine Cellar – Why Not?

By on Mar 2, 2014 in Cellar, Plans, Renovation, Wine Cellar | 0 comments

Plain and simple – Jonathan and I love wine! Anybody who knows us knows this about us.  Sometimes we may like it a little too much, but I digress… We got married in the Napa valley in June, 2004. Jonathan was already a gourmet chef and I have always been a connoisseur of great food. Planning our wedding was an incredible experience.  The many trips out to Napa really cultivated and solidified our love of fine wine. Then we had our honeymoon in Italy in fall of 2004.  Unbeknownst to us, it was during white truffle season, the first cold press of olive oil, and vino novello. Talk about a gourmet’s trifecta!  That year sealed the deal for our love of all things gourmet, and would shape the future of many vacations to come. We have planned many vacations around food and wine. Wherever we go (even with Addison) we try and experience something about the history of the food...

The back is not her best asset

By on Mar 2, 2014 in Back Porch, Deck and Patio, Design, Exterior Elevations, First Floor, Landscaping, Plans, Renovation | 0 comments

The rear of our home was just not attractive.  At some point, the original back and side porches were enclosed when it was converted to a duplex.  It was converted back to single family prior to our purchase, but there are still some of the odd additions from it’s duplex years. Before we chopped the backyard in late 2013 to prepare for the tree that had to come down on the side yard, we had a beautiful back yard. It nicely camouflaged the rear of the house. We didn’t really have green thumbs, but inherited a beautiful English style garden from the previous owners.  It bloomed for us every season.  We really had fun with it in our early years here, but you really had to love gardening to be out there regularly to properly keep it up.  The upkeep just became too much of a burden to us with the combination of having a child – and letting our landscaper go during the lean...

A Hint of Spring

By on Feb 24, 2014 in Plans, Renovation | 0 comments

Despite the crazy weather we’ve had over the past month, Spring is starting to show. Sadly that weather has delayed our permit. We just heard that we are supposed to get it tomorrow.  Today I am excited – and – cautiously optimistic!

Cool or Gross?

By on Feb 12, 2014 in Design, First Floor, Powder Room | 4 comments

So, after I quenched my obsession with finding the perfect powder room sink, I was off to accessories.   Before I start on the soap holder, I need to give a little context.  I am an accessory FREAK! If you go in my closet – it’s all about the purses and shoes. If you opened my refrigerator (pre-Jonathan) it was filled with every condiment known to man.  If I’m the one doing the grocery shopping I will always manage to find some sort of new sauce, salad dressing or spice. It goes the same with my home.  I’ll admit that I have gone overboard at times (looking back at some of our old photos like these below). When I met Jonathan I had a 90’s aesthetic going on.  His style was more primitive/folky.   We blended it when we moved into our house and thought it was the BOMB.  Looking back it was more like a bomb had exploded at Goodwill! We were mortified when we found this particular photo...