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A little sass goes a long way

By on Aug 15, 2014 in Misc | 0 comments

Today the tub and sink were picked up. She’s going to be sassy. (just like the other gals in the house!) And this beauty is going to get some new life breathed into her. We are keeping it simple and just going for a nice, simple white. Poor thing has had a little rust sitting outside all of these months. Not for long! Moving a tub is not so bad when you have four guys. And a pro who can make it all fit in just right. This picture cracks me up. That poor tub looks dead in this photo. Next time we see her she’ll be perky (and sassy)...

Never a dull moment

By on Aug 4, 2014 in Misc | 0 comments

I had to devote a post to our current digs. One day we’ll laugh about this place. I checked my tiara into hard storage when we moved in in December. Noticed the light-filled living room. (Oops…sorry…it’s not there!) The lack of natural light propelled us to purchase a mega lamp made made for Seasonal Depression. It’s the only thing that can properly light up the room. And then there is the kitchen. The lovely kitchen. The oven blocked the door so much that we removed it when we moved in. We (I mean Jonathan) have been using a toaster, microwave and hot plate. To add to injury, the electricity is maxed out and Jonathan can only use one appliance at a time.  I have to give my hubby major credit. We sit down as a family for a nice dinner (usually home-cooked) every single night. It’s truly amazing what he can create using a toaster, microwave and hot...

Winter Wonderland

By on Feb 20, 2014 in Misc, Renovation | 0 comments

This post really has nothing to do with our renovation, but more with our beloved neighborhood. It is rare that we get a snow in Atlanta. This year we had two storms back to back within two weeks. First there was Snowpocolypse: (not Atlanta’s brightest moment) Thankfully we didn’t get caught up in that mess and had some fun! A week and a half later we had a huge ice storm. This time everybody was very sensitive to the havoc that Mother Nature can wreak and the entire city stayed hunkered down. The day after the ice storm, we were treated to a beautiful dusting of snow. I got the chance to snap our pretty houses – which were just gorgeous in the snow. Good thing I did – it melted to slush about an hour after these pics.  Ok Winter – you’ve done your thing. Now it’s Spring’s turn! Spring is THE season that Atlanta is in her...